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     My name is Kelly Jo Stevenson and I am the Youth Coordinator of our Sr. High Youth Group.  To me, youth ministries represent a merging of my mind, talents, and creativity, allowing me to share it with the people I love.  I am blessed to be a part of a group that brings all of this to the table each and every week!  I became the Youth Coordinator eleven years ago at the age of 23 years, when a young person can be easily drawn into the corruptions of the world.  Although I was raised in the church and was a member of the youth group through my teen years, I returned from college unsure of my place in the world.  I was at the point in my life where the church was either going to lose me, or use me.  The Pastor at the time made sure I was not going to be lost!  He said to me, “who better to lead this group of young people than someone who lived it herself"! For those who know me and my sense of humor, you can only imagine my response to that statement!  My mother had been my youth coordinator as a teen and was a role model for the importance of involvement in the church and the rewards of volunteerism.  I ended up embracing the Pastor's offer and never dreamed I would still be here today!  I am currently about to start my semester of Student Teaching to finish my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education.  I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds.  I am also excited to know my passion for children will grow into a deeper commitment not only for the children of our church, but alsofor the children of the world!

Trevor Stoop - LAY LEADER

Hello, my name is Trevor Stoop, lay leader of First United Methodist Church of Fairless Hills. I’m 22 years old, graduated from Pennsbury High School, and continued my education to achieve an Associates degree from Bucks County Community College for Business. I was baptized here at birth and confirmed during my middle school years. This has been my church for 22 years and my family’s for over 50 years and I’m proud to say so! We have a very loving church family and with hard work, determination, and the power of God we will continue to do our best in serving our Lord, strengthening our church, and helping our community. If you're looking for a church to join please come see us! Stay safe and God bless!
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